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Minnesota Vikings - Part Two

Searches for the Vikings

The first graph is showing the popularity of the Minnesota Vikings over the past two months. The smaller spikes towards the beginning of the graph correlate with preseason games. They tend to be pretty uniform, but you can see that the largest spike in preseason games is following the game between the Vikings and the 49ers, where the final score was 31-32. Close games, or games that Minnesota was expected to lose, and then turned it around, generate the highest spikes. You can see that with the October 10th spike following their surprise win against the Bears. A similar spike is shown in the second graph, where you can see the huge surge in searches following their victory against the Packers. The third image is simply their schedule, which can be used for reference.

Where are the Vikings the most popular?

This map shows the popularity of searches for "Minnesota Vikings" worldwide. The most popular would be in America, which seems fairly obvious. That's where the largest following of football is. Plus, the Vikings are based out of the United States. Second in popularity would be in Canada. Since Minnesota state borders Canada, it's safe to assume that some Vikings fans have drifted across the border.

When you break popularity down into a state-by-state case, things start to get a little more interesting. The state where the Minnesota Vikings are the most popular? North Dakota. Minnesota itself comes in a close second, and South Dakota threatens to overcome them. Why might this be? Neither North Dakota or South Dakota have a football team of their own, leaving them to support the team closest to them. That would be the Vikings. Minnesota residents have several football teams close to them, like the Packers or the Bears, giving them several choices of who to root for. North and South Dakota don't necessarily have as many convenient options.


This graph shows the similarities between searches for "Minnesota Vikings" and searches for "Teddy Bridgewater". Bridgewater was recently cleared to practice again on the 16th, leading to searches for his name slightly overtaking searches for the Vikings. Later spikes in searches for his name are likely a result of photographs of him back at practice being released.


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