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Minnesota Vikings - Part One

The Minnesota Vikings are an American football team based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their head coach is Mike Zimmer, and they play out of U.S. Bank Stadium.

In this project, I'm going to be exploring when/why there were spikes in searches of the Minnesota Vikings, where they're the most popular, both domestically and abroad, and correlations between the Vikings and other searches.

In general, there tends to be spikes in searches of the Minnesota Vikings whenever they win a game that they shouldn't have. In the past year, the Vikings haven't been an incredibly strong football team, especially when in comparison with other teams from the Midwest, like the Greenbay Packers. For example,

This was the predicition of the Vikings-Bears Game.
This was the predicition of the Vikings-Packers Game.

They clearly aren't a very favored team. So, when the Vikings manage to pull through, and beat a team they were expected to lose against, Google searches of the Vikings skyrocket.

In this project, I'm also going to be exploring where searches of the Minnesota Vikings are the most popular. It seems obvious, but the answer might actually surprise you.

Finally, correlations between searches for the Vikings and other topics. One of the most popular correlations would be between searches for the Minnesota Vikings, and searches for Teddy Bridgewater, their quarterback. Last year, Bridgewater receieved a nearly catastophic injury that left him out of the game for a year. However, it was recently announced that Teddy would be returning to Vikings practice.

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